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    4am Robotics is set to present its mobile robotics solutions at automatica

    4am Robotics is set to present its mobile robotics solutions at automatica

    Leinfelden-Echterdingen, May 31, 2023. 4am Robotics GmbH, the mobile robotics company of the international automation platform SCIO Automation, will be showcasing its mobile and application-specific robotics solutions at booth 218 in hall A4 at automatica 2023 in Munich.

    4am Robotics GmbH has a clear vision of flexible, modular and safe intralogistics that network the smart factory of the future. The team will also be demonstrating this at its trade fair stand at automatica by interacting with visitors and via live presentations. The VDI Innovation Award Logistics 2023 winner, AMC-L, will be there too, as well as the company’s latest product innovation, the AFi-H autonomous forklift.

    "Winning the VDI Innovation Award in March, our first ever trade fair appearance ever at LogiMAT in April, and now automatica. The feedback from the trade audience shows that we’re making waves with our vision for intralogistics. In addition, our solutions have a huge range of potential applications, which makes them relevant to almost every industry."

    Dr. Ulrich Reiser, CEO of 4am Robotics.


    Cross-product technology and software meet a heterogeneous portfolio that automates our customers’ material flow in a flexible and safe way with highest availability possible, while keeping systems simple as a whole. By doing so, solutions ranging from autonomous tugger trains to mobile cobots and autonomous forklifts can be automated and implemented within the customer's IT landscape in next to no time. Our autonomous mobile robot solutions reliably interact in complex intralogistics environments without needing to adapt to the infrastructure or environment beforehand.

    These solutions are from 4am Robotics:

    4am Robotics combines mobile robotics with standard industrial trucks from well-known manufacturers and transforms them into autonomous transport solutions. The autonomous tugger train is used indoors and outdoors, transporting heavy cargo flexibly and efficiently over long distances.

    The autonomous platform (APi) is the basis for all cobot solutions from 4am Robotics, such as their cobot, roller conveyor and paternoster. It contains the drive and control technology, machine protection system, energy generators, as well as the communication and autonomous navigation systems.

    The Autonomous Mobile Cobot enables fully automated end-to-end process chaining. Its modular design and its grippers, which can be changed on the robot arm, give the system the versatility it needs to carry out complex handling tasks. Increased stability thanks to a patented torso joint with a minimal footprint makes the cobot the ideal support system for confined warehouse environments.

    4am Robotics will also be showcasing its latest AMR development at automatica, the autonomous forklift that flexibly manages material flow between conveyor systems, block storage, racks and tugger trains.

    4am Robotics will be appearing alongside other brands from the SCIO Automation Group at automatica.

    Companies like VESCON, with its Virtual Engineering solutions such as Virtual Commissioning and the 360° collaboration and engineering software SO3, as well as PrintoLUX with its patented PrintoLUX marking process including its latest printing system development for industrial applications, known as SIGNO, will also be on hand to wow the audience.

    Founded in 2019, SCIO Automation Group is an international business platform for end-to-end industrial automation for logistics and production processes. It now includes 10 independent corporate brands at over 30 locations worldwide, which pool their expertise in intralogistics, production and process automation as part of SCIO. This gives SCIO the ability to support its customers by providing a bespoke, holistic service, with customized solutions for the entire smart factory, including product innovations that are uniquely tailored to each customer.