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    4am Robotics celebrates product premiere at LogiMAT 2024

    4am Robotics celebrates product premiere at LogiMAT 2024

    4am Robotics is set to rock LogiMAT again! This year, you’ll find us at our joint stand (East Entrance, Stand ES43) with our SCIO partner 4logix Intrasolutions. A special surprise awaits you on the first day of the trade fair. We’ll be celebrating the unveiling of the latest mobile cobot development from 4am Robotics:

    Introducing AMC-H - the big brother of AMC-L, which won the VDI Logistics Innovation Award 2023!

    The AMC-H combines all the benefits of the AMC-L, such as its modular design and a small footprint, but it enables a higher payload and reach. This product innovation heralds the next stage of development in autonomous mobile robotics - upscaling to a higher weight and reach means that a machine can now match what a human employee is capable of from an ergonomic standpoint. The mobile robot allows goods to be picked both upwards and downwards with the same reach range. As a result, and thanks to various expansion options, the AMC-H can now be used autonomously for an even wider range of applications.


    At LogiMAT in Stuttgart, however, it’s not just the AMC-H that will be showing off its capabilities. Along with the autonomous mobile cobot roller conveyor (AMC-RC), the comprehensive portfolio of 4am Robotics will be demonstrated in productive use. 

    Let’s not forget that the AFi-H (Autonomous Forklift), which is revolutionising autonomous transport in vertical spaces, is also taking part. It always makes a great impression with its precise navigation and flexibility. Thanks to its sophisticated scanner system, a wide range of container sizes and widths can be transported while very little space is needed. Ensuring interfaces in conveyor technology, racking and block storage are seamlessly connected to one another increases the efficiency of the material flow and reduces costs. Come and say hello to the team, and see the vast array of possibilities opened up by using driverless forklift trucks.

    High-end intralogistics: The full range of automated intralogistics processes

    Alongside our sister company 4logix Intrasolutions, the renowned specialist for automated warehouse technology in the SCIO Automation Group, we’ll also be showcasing the full intralogistics of the Smart Factory. From customised and modern conveyor and system technology, autonomous tugger trains and forklifts to mobile cobots - combined, the solutions from 4am and 4logix offer a seamless, automated material flow for production.

    Supplemented by our Group-wide digitalization expertise, such as simulations, virtual commissioning and digital twin, the vast world of intralogistics is just waiting to be discovered at our stand.

    Ready to see the future of intralogistics? Visit us at stand ES43, East Entrance!