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    4am Robotics presents new generation of autonomous tugger train

    4am Robotics presents new generation of autonomous tugger train

    4am Robotics, a leading company in the field of robotics and automation, announces that it has successfully completed its new generation of the ATi. Based on the Linde P60(C), the successor to the well-established tugger train, which has been successfully and literally tirelessly supporting the flow of goods in leading companies for years, has been created. The new ATi can now be ordered from 4am. 

    • Rapid scalability thanks to easy changeover from manual to autonomous
    • Seamless integration into existing systems and fleets
    • Benchmark values for reliability of up to 99.9% 

    The combination of the proven technologies of 4am and Linde has resulted in a new driverless transport system to optimize the internal flow of goods against the backdrop of a shortage of skilled workers and the need to increase efficiency. 

    The autonomous tugger train solutions from 4am Robotics have been established on the market for years and represent the future of automatic intralogistics. The autonomously navigating transport units were developed together with industrial customers to make material transportation in companies more efficient and flexible.  


    The tugger trains modified by 4am achieve a technical availability of up to an impressive 99.9%, further increasing their cost-effectiveness. In addition to many other improvements, there is an automatic coupling available on the new ATI to provide even further automation of the logistics process.  

    Dual-use: modification kit enables step-by-step transformation 

    As the components required for manual operation are retained during conversion, 4am's AMRs offer the unique option of dual-use operation: they can be operated both autonomously and manually. This enables a gradual transformation to autonomous intralogistics while ensuring flexibility and adaptability. 


    "We are delighted to be leading the next standard vehicle into the future with our development, offering our customers an innovative solution that not only increases efficiency, but also improves safety in the workplace."


    Jochen Carle

    Managing Director 4am Robotics

    Autonomization not only increases the efficiency of material movement, but also reduces the risk of accidents at work. Precise navigation and intelligent obstacle detection enable the autonomous tugger train to work safely even in the most challenging environments. 

    Boost your intralogistics processes to a new level with more automation and safety! Play it safe with the innovative solutions from 4am Robotics.