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    It’s a new dawn for mobile cobots: the AMC-H

    It’s a new dawn for mobile cobots: the AMC-H

    A very special premiere was celebrated today, on the opening day of LogiMAT 2024. The latest product from the forge of the innovation pioneers at 4am Robotics, AMC-H (Autonomous Mobile Cobot Heavy), took to the stage for the first time as part of an unveiling and presentation event, and greatly impressed visitors with its outstanding features. Over the next two days of the fair, the AMC-H and its colleague AMC-RC (Autonomous Mobile Cobot with Roller Conveyor) will continue to tirelessly demonstrate their skills. Let's now take a closer look at the AMC-H and discover its wide range of applications.

    With its new performance features, the AMC-H masters complex tasks that were previously reserved for human operators. Its gripper arm impresses with a reach of almost 2 metres and a load capacity of up to 15 kilograms. With this combination and a tractive force of 500 kilograms, the AMC-H sets new standards in the autonomous use of mobile cobots. The gripper arm allows goods to be picked both upwards and downwards with the same reach range. The AMC-H also sets standards in terms of speed. Optimised motion sequences and the well thought-out safety concept enable fast operation.


    Precise load handling is complemented by an extensive range of gripping options that are optimised for a wide variety of process requirements. These include vacuum grippers, 2-finger grippers or the box gripper developed and patented by 4am. The system can therefore be easily customised to the specific requirements of the production processes.

    Despite its long reach and high handling weight, the AMC-H offers an unusually small footprint, which is achieved thanks to the round shape of the base. In contrast to a rectangular platform, as is generally used, the round base has no turning circle, so manoeuvring is no problem even in narrow aisles.

    It closes the last gap in the material flow and bridges the last few metres between delivery by a tugger train and assembly on the production line or the filling of existing and freely configurable shelves, for example.


    Jochen Carle

    Managing Director 4am Robotics
    „The AMC-H is the logical evolution of our product line. It complements our existing models by handling heavy loads and operating in environments that were previously inaccessible. This not only expands our offering, but also strengthens our strategic positioning as a provider of state-of-the-art, fully autonomous robotic solutions.“

    The AMR can be integrated into any master control system for order coordination. This not only optimises the material flow, but also enables flexible and needs-based adaptation to different processes.

    By using the SLAM process (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) in conjunction with safety laser scanners and 3D cameras, the AMC-H is able to navigate autonomously in complex environments, using the natural contours of the room for orientation. In doing so, it constantly updates the map of its surroundings and simultaneously localises itself in order to carry out precise movements.

    A special feature of the AMC-H is that no additional markers or special markings are required for navigation. This allows the AMC-H to be used flexibly and efficiently in different environments without the need for prior adjustments.

    In addition, 4am attaches great importance to safety and complies with all current regulations and standards, such as DIN EN ISO 3691-4, which is particularly important to minimise potentially hazardous situations and ensure a smooth and reliable workflow. With the help of a sophisticated system, even operation on demolition edges or stairwells is safeguarded.


    To enable more material to be transported over longer distances, the AMC-H can be extended with an innovative trailer system with a towing capacity of up to 500 kg.

    The pivot point of the trailer coupling is aligned with the centre of the base. This means that the AMC-H can turn on the spot while the trailer simply remains stationary. This ensures smooth and space-saving manoeuvring on the road.

    The attachment of a pallet truck is also currently being designed, which will be combined with the trailer coupling to enable Euro pallets to be transported and loaded and unloaded (order picking).


    The AMC-H at a glance

    Cost optimisation and increased efficiency

    The AMC-H requires no ambient light and can be used almost 24/7 thanks to fast battery charging times. This allows it to be used efficiently, for example as a "3rd shift" for stocktaking trips at night. In view of the shortage of labour in the industry, the AMC-H offers an efficient alternative.

    Precise and versatile load handling

    AMC-H is designed to transport and deposit loads with maximum precision and safety, resulting in a smooth material flow. In addition to the in-house developed gripper, any standard gripper that is sufficient for the respective process can be used, so that the most cost-effective option can be selected.

    Intelligent perception

    The AMC-H can independently analyse its environment and act according to the situation, which ensures a high degree of flexibility. It moves autonomously in its environment and can independently manoeuvre around dynamic obstacles. Transported goods are analysed individually and the gripping strategy is selected accordingly.

    Efficient and flexible process integration

    The seamless integration of AMC-H into existing production processes helps to increase overall efficiency and productivity. There is no need to intervene in the existing environment (lanes, racks, etc.), so that simple adaptation to changing requirements is not a problem. In addition, the specially developed trailer system extends the application options accordingly.