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    The dynamic protective field switching of the autonomous forklift from 4am Robotics

    The dynamic protective field switching of the autonomous forklift from 4am Robotics

    We present our revolutionary solution for more safety in intralogistics!

    In a world where efficiency and flexibility are crucial for success in intralogistics, we proudly present the game changer for material handling: The AFi from 4am Robotics. Static protective fields are now a thing of the past, as the autonomous forklift truck redefines safety standards and possibilities in intralogistics with its dynamic protective field switching.


    When transporting load carriers of different sizes, conventional autonomous forklift trucks often reach their limits when it comes to the protective field concept when driving through narrow aisles or environments with many obstacles. These trucks use a protective field that is designed for the containers with the largest possible width (worst-case protective field). This results in the problem that the forklift has to stop in aisles that are narrower than its protective field, even after picking up smaller containers. The width of the protective field remains unchanged and the stacker cannot drive through narrow aisles, even if this was possible during manual use due to the width of the transported freight.
    To overcome this problem, 4am Robotics offers a pioneering solution: the safe automatic container size detection and dynamic protective field switching of its AFi.

    Automatic container size detection:4am-AFi-USP-height-adjustable-safety-scanner
    When picking up goods containers, the autonomous AFi forklift uses its height-adjustable 2D safety scanner integrated under the fork. This scanner not only reliably detects people and obstacles in the immediate vicinity, but also automatically scans significant features of the goods to be transported in order to switch its protective field accordingly.

    Dynamic adaptation of the protective field to the container width:
    The specific detection of the container to be transported is then used to adapt the protective field of the truck accordingly, thus optimizing its travels in line with space requirements. In contrast to conventional protective field guards, which are designed for the largest possible load width, automatic container size detection enables the AFi to switch over and dynamically adjust the size of its protective field as required.


    This not only ensures the protection of the AFi and maximum safety during the transportation process for people and obstacles in the immediate vicinity, but also optimal use of the available space.

    This enables the AFi to navigate through narrower aisles and paths with surrounding obstacles, provided the width of the container allows this. Furthermore, processes with different container sizes and various sources / sinks can be implemented without major adjustments to the existing structures. This innovative function gives the forklift truck access to faster routes and offers flexible planning of the transport route - this shortens intralogistics goods transportation routes and thus saves time.

    Discover the future of intralogistics 4.0 with 4am Robotics:
    The AFi forklift from 4am Robotics not only offers maximum flexibility, but also an increased safety standard in material handling. Find out more about the innovative technology and the advantages of our solution for dynamic protective field and automatic container size detection of the AFi in the following animation video: