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    Our autonomous forklifts follow the highest safety standards in personal and machine protection

    Our autonomous forklifts follow the highest safety standards in personal and machine protection

    In a rapidly evolving intralogistics industry, safety is becoming more crucial than ever, especially when it comes to interaction with people and other robots. In this context, we at 4am Robotics have taken measures to ensure that our AFi autonomous forklifts not only redefines efficiency and productivity in the field, but also set a standard for increased safety and machine protection with their innovative 3D cameras and 2D safety scanners.

    One of the basic requirements for an AMR is the ability to detect people and react properly in order to comply with the standardized performance level D. To meet this standard, three 2D safety scanners are built into our AFi. One of the scanners is located directly under the fork of the forklift and the other two scanners are mounted at a floor height of 17 cm in the direction of travel and protected from dirt by protective covers.

    One of the challenges of integrating autonomous forklifts into existing intralogistics systems is to ensure safe operation even when other obstacles cross the forklift's path.
    For example, what if another forklift would cross the path of the AFi and transport its load above the AFi's safety scanners? In this case, we have developed an optional customer solution that equips the autonomous forklift with additional safety functions.

    To ensure maximum safety and machine protection, two 3D cameras were installed on the AFi to guarantee optimum safety even in situations with elevated loads. The left 3D camera looks a little to the right, while the right 3D camera looks to the left, so that there is an overlapping point and therefore no blind spot.

    In conclusion, the AFi's integrated cameras and safety scanners not only provide an extended perspective and obstacle detection, but can also ensure protection beyond performance level D. Even if a forklift crosses the AFi's path while transporting its load above the height of the safety scanners, a reliable reaction and stopping of the autonomous forklift is ensured.

    All in all, the integrated measures enable the AFi to guarantee maximum safety in every situation. In doing so, we not only focus on efficiency, but also on the safety of our customers and employees.

    See the safety scanners in action and experience the impressive capabilities of the AFi in the following animation: