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    Mobile Cobot AMC-L: Successful Live Presentation

    Mobile Cobot AMC-L: Successful Live Presentation

    4am Robotics reduces cycle time for Use Case

    At 4am Robotics in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, autonomous mobile cobots are being developed to close the final gap in material flow and enable a fully automated end-to-end process integration. Due to their modular design, these cobots can be optimized and deployed for various use cases.

     Currently, 4am is working on implementing a specific use case for a Bavarian automotive manufacturer. Recently, logistics planners from a Dingolfing plant paid us a visit. During a live demonstration of the AMC-L at the Leinfelden-Echterdingen location, we were able to significantly exceed the requirements for the cycle time of our new cobot.

    The goal was to reduce the initial 45 seconds achieved in a first demonstration to under 30 seconds. Through the optimization of motion sequences and the increase in movement speed enabled by a well-thought-out safety concept, the project team successfully managed to reduce the cycle time to just under 27 seconds.

    Congratulations 'for a job well done' to the whole team!


    4am Team Autonomous Mobile Cobot AMC-L

    Mobile Cobot Team at the 4am Robotics site in Leinfelden-Echterdingen

    With the AMC-L, we have the capability to maneuver freely in space and handle Euro container (KLTs) weighing up to 6 kg and measuring 60x40 cm, transporting and placing them as needed. In the presented use case, the focus is on unloading a rack brought into production using a tugger train (ATi). The delivered KLTs then need to be placed in a Karakuri shelf, also known as a gravity shelf.

    The challenge for the robot control system lies in the tight spaces of both the dispensing and receiving shelves. On both sides, the KLTs are closely arranged, and gripping from above is not possible.

    A gripper specially designed by 4am for this particular requirement performs precision work. With our Perception module, also deployed in autonomous route trains and forklifts, the cobot recognizes the correct KLT box and skillfully 'threads' it into the Karakuri shelf.

    Indeed, 4am has developed a solution here for which there are very few alternatives. Given the shortage of skilled labor in the industry, we anticipate a strong demand for our system, not only within the automotive sector but also across various industries.

    Interested? Please feel free to contact us!

    Video Use Case AMC-L