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    The Autonomous Mobile Cobot Light sets new standards in terms of flexibility and efficiency

    The Autonomous Mobile Cobot Light sets new standards in terms of flexibility and efficiency

    Take a look at the innovative capabilities of the AMC-L now in our video series!

    With its innovative gripping system, the AMC-L can safely grip and lift small load containers from various positions - be it from a flat surface, over an edge or even a stopper.


    The special feature: Even if the containers are close together, the AMC-L masters this challenge effortlessly and safely, without the need for complex adaptations to existing racking. It adapts to your requirements!



    Seamless integration into existing logistics infrastructures makes the AMC-L an invaluable partner for your company. It effortlessly increases efficiency and productivity within your value creation process.


    In intralogistics, where efficiency and space savings are crucial, the AMC-L revolutionizes warehouse operations. Its 6-axis arm enables maximum flexibility, even in difficult situations. The AMC-L's gripper can be extended an impressive 80 cm, making it adaptable to different warehouse environments and KLT dimensions.




    The precision and accuracy with which the robot works are outstanding. In the future, the AMC will be able to carry payloads of impressive 15 kg - more than what a person is allowed to carry under health and safety regulations.


    The AMC-L is designed to mimic the natural movements of humans, moving KLT boxes smoothly and with an astonishing 10 mm accuracy. With these impressive features, the AMC-L optimizes intralogistics processes, increases productivity and makes workflows in your company more efficient.

    Are you ready to revolutionize your warehouse operations? The future of intralogistics is now - contact us and find out how the AMC-L can take your intralogistics to the next level!

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