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    Efficient intralogistics: Dual-use mode for all 4am Tugger Trains

    Efficient intralogistics: Dual-use mode for all 4am Tugger Trains

    As a developer and manufacturer of innovative intralogistics solutions, we understand the importance of having the option to choose between manual and autonomous operation for tugger trains. Our dual-use tugger train systems offer you the opportunity to gradually transform your intralogistics to autonomous operation while enjoying the benefits of maximum flexibility. Find out more about our solutions and how they can help your company to make your intralogistics processes even more efficient.

    Advantages of the dual-use mode of our tugger trains:

    1. Flexibility and adaptability: our dual-use tugger trains 4am-autonome-Routenzuege-Dual-use-Modus-2
      tugger trains enable combined operation of the tugger trains: manually or autonomously, the choice is yours - at any time. This gives you the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing operating conditions and tailor your intralogistics processes.
    2. Rapid scalability: With our solutions, you can seamlessly and gradually convert your fleet from a manual to an autonomous operating model. This simple conversion allows you to expand your fleet as required and efficiently manage the flow of materials in your company.
    3. Seamless integration: Our tugger trains can be integrated into existing fleet management systems and software architectures. This minimizes downtime during the transformation and ensures smooth operation of your existing intralogistics processes.
    4. Greater efficiency: With our hybrid tugger trains, you can optimize routing and solve the so-called "travelling saleman problem" of your intralogistics processes, among other things. The algorithm-based planning makes it possible to calculate the optimum routes and thus save time and resources.
    5. High reliability and safety: 4am tugger trains achieve an impressive technical availability of 99.9%. We also attach great importance to safety and subject our systems to the highest safety standards to ensure smooth and safe operation.

    Dual-use as a solution for the transition period

    The dual-use mode of our tugger trains offers an ideal solution for the transition period to autonomous intralogistics. You can gradually switch from a manual to an autonomous operating model and benefit from the flexibility and adaptability of our solutions.


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