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    4am Robotics wins follow-up order for autonomous tugger trains

    4am Robotics wins follow-up order for autonomous tugger trains

    4am Robotics has successfully secured a significant follow-up order, highlighting the ongoing profitable partnership between 4am Robotics and one of its clients in the automotive industry.

    The follow-up order, awarded by a Bavarian automobile manufacturer, involves replacing five autonomous tugger trains from a competitor in 2024. Additional orders for the acquisition and replacement of over 40 driverless vehicles, mostly from rival brands, are planned until 2026. This is a clear indication of the trust placed in the expertise of 4am Robotics.

    "We are thrilled about the renewed collaboration – it confirms the quality of our past performances and demonstrates that we meet the continuously growing demands of our customers," proudly states Managing Director Jochen Carle.

    The autonomous tugger trains by 4am Robotics have been a proven solution for years. For instance, at the same customer's Regensburg plant, a fleet of nearly 50 vehicles reliably covers almost 200,000 km annually with an availability of 99.98%. The driverless systems are already in use at the Dingolfing plant as well. This quality has convinced the customer to gradually replace vehicles from competitors.

    The value of this collaboration is reflected not only in the customer's trust but also in the continuous innovation of 4am Robotics. The reorder strengthens the company's position as a trusted partner in the dynamic field of Autonomous Mobile Robotics. The ability to address complex requirements and tailor processes is a central part of 4am Robotics' success story.

    About ATi-M (Autonomous Tugger Train Indoor Medium):

    4am Robotics' tugger train solutions are as unique as our customers' logistics areas. Together, we develop a concept that perfectly suits the requirements of each production supply. Optionally, this extends to the automation of individual process steps or the entire tugger train operation. Thus, the driverless vehicles are suitable for various industries and are ideal for transporting goods between production lines, warehouses, and shipping areas.


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