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    Mojin Robotics GmbH becomes 4am Robotics GmbH

    Mojin Robotics GmbH becomes 4am Robotics GmbH

    Mobile robotics specialist Mojin Robotics GmbH will operate as 4am Robotics GmbH with immediate effect. The name was changed on April 13 2023, along with a new entry being made in the commercial register, which signaled that the brand’s extensive transformation process, including a full rebrand, was now complete.

    This name change means that the Mojin Robotics brand will be transferred to 4am Robotics, and Dr. Ulrich Reiser and Peter Stoiber will remain the company's managing partners.

    “As Mojin Robotics, we have undergone an extensive transformation process from service robotics to autonomous mobile robots  (AMR) for intralogistics over the last few years. Changing the name to 4am Robotics indicates that this process is now finally complete, and you can now see this in the new brand identity."

    Dr. Ulrich Reiser, previously the founder of Mojin Robotics, who is remaining at the helm of 4am Robotics

    Mojin Robotics GmbH was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA. The business initially focused on robotic solutions in consumer-focused environments, eventually developing them for use in industrial environments. In 2020, Mojin became part of the SCIO Automation Group, and then began working on mobile robotics for logistics processes. As early as 2021, the mobile robotics divisions of SCIO companies Mojin Robotics GmbH and Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH made their collaboration even stronger and founded 4am Robotics in June 2022, initially as a product brand. Renaming Mojin Robotics GmbH to 4am Robotics GmbH is now the next step in an extensive transformation process that allows the business to continue to develop into one of the leading providers of AMR-based intralogistics solutions over the long term.

    At 4am Robotics, cross-product technology and software meet a heterogeneous portfolio that automates material flow from end to end in a flexible and safe way with highest availability possible, while keeping systems simple as a whole. By doing so, solutions ranging from autonomous tugger trains to mobile cobots and autonomous forklifts can be automated and implemented within the customer's IT landscape in next to no time. 

    “Our biggest strength is that our vehicle automation solutions are very highly available, and they can be easily integrated into our customers' brownfield environments, without needing to adapt to the infrastructure or environment beforehand.“

    Peter Stoiber, Managing Director 4am Robotics

    4am Robotics will present its AMR solutions for fully automated end-to-end process chaining at LogiMAT 2023 at booth ES51 (East entrance).