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    Hans-Peter Zobl becomes CTO at SCIO

    Hans-Peter Zobl becomes CTO at SCIO

    On January 1, 2024, Hans-Peter Zobl took up the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the SCIO Automation Group, and is Managing Director of SCIO Automation GmbH alongside CEO Michael Goepfarth. Zobl is in charge of the whole group's digitalization strategy, the company's expansion in the North American market, as well as IT services. 

    Although he’s new in his role as CTO, Zobl is a familiar face in the SCIO Group. Until June 2020, he was part of VESCON Automation GmbH, a subsidiary of SCIO, where he founded and built up the Digital Factory department before moving to Kuka, first as Head of Control Technology, and later as CTO of Kuka Systems. Zobl is now back and will play a key role in shaping the future of the SCIO Group.

    The Digital Factory department has grown into a group-wide segment in recent years and now encompasses all areas of digitalization within the SCIO Group. In addition to virtual engineering solutions such as virtual commissioning and the Digital Twin, SCIO is also bundling its entire software development expertise in this segment.

    Zobl will be driving SCIO's growth in North America too. SCIO has set itself the goal of growing in the North American market by making more acquisitions, along with expanding its product business such as autonomous mobile robots from 4am Robotics.

    "We’re delighted to have Hans-Peter as CTO of the SCIO Group, and that we were able to convince him to bring his expertise and experience in digitalization back to SCIO. Together, we will drive SCIO's growth forward and put our group in a strong position for the future,"  said Michael Goepfarth, CEO of SCIO.

    "I was part of VESCON's team when SCIO was founded five years ago and it’s great to see how the entire group has developed into an internationally renowned automation specialist. I’m very much looking forward to working with my colleagues on digitalization and driving growth forward,"  said Zobl.


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