By SCIO Automation • April 13, 2022

Intelligently optimizing global project handlings

Almost any company is familiar with the hurdles in everyday project work - lack of clarity in coordination and confusing project boards. In international projects, the time difference is an additional essential factor, and even well-coordinated teams reach their limits here. Project management software can optimize processes and increase efficiency in communication if it is tailored to the needs of the company.

The time difference also offers advantages: Team colleagues in different time zones can work on projects around the clock. One challenge with this way of working: Every task has to be coordinated. It is difficult when communication in project management relies mainly on e-mail and telephone. Several thousand e-mails during different project phases show the inefficiency of this method of communication. The result is an overcrowded inbox and no overview of current project phases and status messages.

Consequently, a suitable project management software solution is needed that can also tackle other customer-specific problems:

- International communication barriers
- Confusion about document versions
- Cloud application with it still being a secure place for the data fed into the projects

In particular, in industrial environments such as plant engineering or technical planning, it is beneficial if project planning can also be done visually and a tool can function as a design database.

That is why GE&PM, a customer of our corporate brand VESCON, relies on our software innovation SO3 in project management to significantly increase the efficiency of its communication and visualization.

"The company is involved in plant construction and technical planning and was looking for a tool to successfully handle projects worldwide. Among other things, SO3 can offer exactly that," explains Alexander Isakov, SO3's technical contact.

"One of the main reasons we went for SO3 was the software provider’s activity in the industrial plant business, which means that it is thoroughly familiar with the requirements and demands in this area and can meet them," explains Ronny Teutsch, Senior Electric Engineer at GE&PM.

In addition to the possible area of application in process engineering, SO3 also supports customers in other versatile industries: automotive industry, process industry, pharmaceutical industry and in technical building equipment. An added value that was an important factor for the cooperation. The parallel use of a database in which everyone can enter their data in real time and work independently is fulfilled with SO3.

"With SO3 we work with software that is perfectly tailored to our needs. This is due to the individual database with its own master data and individual configurations. We can independently add things we need," says Daniela Stirn, Head of Mechanical Engineer at GE&PM, describing the use of the software.

In addition, the software offers further advantages:

- Linking intelligent 2D and 3D plant layouts to synchronized lists
- One database for all project participants: data is entered and managed in real time
- Comprehensive data base to derive important information
-Time savings, as typical questions in daily project business can be answered quickly



For several months now, GE&PM has relied on the help of the project management software SO3 from the start of the project to the end of commissioning. The tool's flexibility means that it is applied differently in the various project phases. SO3 is used wherever electrical components are included and teams collaborate on an international basis: Process engineering, materials handling, workstation equipment, electrical equipment order processing.

Despite spatial and temporal distance, projects can be handled efficiently with a suitable software tool. Learn more about our software innovation SO3 here.



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