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    Space-optimized bread unloading with efficiency: LAGO Paternoster Rack by MFI

    Space-optimized bread unloading with efficiency: LAGO Paternoster Rack by MFI

    Knees ache, back twinges: working at the bread unloading station is strenuous. Bending, stretching, lifting. Constantly repeating the same unfavorable movements takes its toll. This cumbersome task is part of the daily production routine in many bakeries. With our LAGO Paternoster rack, we aim to change that. MFI's latest innovation creates a comfortable workspace in bakeries and speeds up the unloading of bread.


    Through our close collaboration and exchange with our customers, we identified automation needs at the bread unloading station. After planning, production, and assembly, we present the solution: the LAGO Paternoster Rack.


    We optimize the time-consuming manual unloading of bread at the bread unloading station with the low-maintenance LAGO. The use of only two motors makes our LAGO Paternoster Rack particularly resilient. The simple yet thoughtful design ensures low susceptibility to malfunctions and quick assembly. Additionally, minimal spare parts stocking is required.


    Hygienic Design

    In designing the LAGO Paternoster Rack, we focused on optimal cleaning possibilities through MFI's stainless steel technology. Good accessibility of individual components completes our Hygienic Design. You can read about the benefits and key aspects of the Hygienic Design in our article "Hygienic Design - The A and O in the Food Industry".


    Furthermore, our focus in developing this new product solution was on space optimization. LAGO offers the possibility of individual adaptation to specific on-site conditions. Thus, the discharge belt behind the LAGO is flexibly adjustable. Therefore, our innovation is suitable for use in various bakeries.


    "Previously, the bread was manually taken out layer by layer from the drawer cabinet and stored in baskets. Now, the time-consuming unloading of bread by hand is eliminated," explains MFI Managing Director Heinrich Müller-Haslach.


    The LAGO Paternoster Rack replaces the drawer-style bread unloading cabinet, making the workspace significantly more efficient and ergonomic. A cycle for bread unloading is completed in just four minutes. Thus, in one hour, approximately 2550kg of bread is transported during 15 unloading cycles. The operation is simple.

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    Functional Description

    The intermediate dimensions of the articulated belt conveyors match those of the rack. The Concord unloads the bread onto our articulated belt conveyors in the base position. LAGO features seven or eight levels, depending on the type of oven. Once loaded with bread, the innovation raises the levels until the lowest one reaches an unloading height of approximately 100 cm. The articulated belt conveyors are driven externally via an indirect drive. They stack on top of each other in the lower frame part of the paternoster until all levels are unloaded. At the back is the discharge belt, from which employees transfer the bread into the baskets. LAGO represents a space-optimized design that ensures both reliability and efficiency.


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