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    SCIO Automation acquires MRB Automation

    SCIO Automation acquires MRB Automation

    SCIO Automation GmbH has acquired MRB Automation GmbH, based in Ilmenau, Germany. MRB Automation offers specialized high-precision systems and automation solutions for automotive suppliers and hidden champions in several industrial sectors. This acquisition demonstrates that SCIO is actively strengthening its service portfolio in production automation, thereby following its growth strategy.

    Ten medium-sized automation specialists at over 30 locations worldwide are now part of SCIO’s automation platform as a result of acquiring MRB Automation.

    "MRB has renowned expertise in developing manufacturing and integrating high-precision systems, alignment machines and measuring and testing systems at accuracies down to less than one micrometer, and the team will help us further strength our positioning as a technical innovator and system integrator. This not only expands upon our sphere of knowledge, which was previously focused on the millimeter precision range, but also allows us to offer our customers expanded value creation in manufacturing automation,"

    said Michael Goepfarth, CEO of SCIO Automation.

    About MRB Automation
    MRB Automation GmbH, based in Ilmenau, Germany, was founded in 2000 by managing directors Dr. Günter Weber and Hartmut Keune. As a full-service provider, MRB Automation develops and manufactures high-precision systems in the micrometer range for producing, assembling, adjusting and testing individual parts, assemblies, and complete products. They serve customers from a wide range of industries including automotive supply, sensor technology, plastics technology, medical technology, precision mechanics/optics and the thermometer industry.
    "Over the years, we have built upon and developed our expertise in building high-precision systems in the micrometer range for a wide range of customers. This merger with SCIO gives us a golden opportunity to take things to the next level by tapping into the vast experience and specialist skillsets within the overall group, which will put us in a position to be able to tackle larger projects together with SCIO in the future, as well as continuing to provide our customers with the best support on the market,"

    MRB’s two managing directors were in unanimous agreement here. 



    As with all SCIO corporate brands, MRB Automation will remain an independent entity, and will stand to greatly benefit from the strategic potential and guidance from the automation platform.

    The special machine engineering sector was previously covered by SCIO's corporate brands VESCON Systemtechnik GmbH in Gleisdorf, Austria, and Industrial Automation LLC, based in the USA and Mexico.


    Please find the press release here.