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    SCIO Automation acquires Spanish automation specialist Modumaq

    SCIO Automation acquires Spanish automation specialist Modumaq

    SCIO Automation is continuing to expand its international presence by acquiring Modumaq Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L. The acquisition of the company, SCIO’s ninth to date, is expected to be completed in early December 2021. Modumaq, which is based in Toledo, Spain, specializes in automated intralogistics solutions for clients in Europe and South America.

    The acquisition of the Modumaq Group, which is the ninth since SCIO’s inception, is fully in line with SCIO’s globalization strategy.


    “From the very beginning, we set ourselves the goal of not only expanding our portfolio of services, but also growing and further strengthening our market position. Modumaq already has a very successful foothold in the South American market, as well as Spain, and from a group perspective, this gives us the opportunity to expand our customer base in these regions.”

    Michael Goepfarth, CEO of SCIO

    About Modumaq

    Founded in 2001 and based in Toledo, Spain, Modumaq specializes in integrating customized intralogistics systems into existing process environments and develops innovative automation solutions for material flow, picking, packing, palletizing and dispatching preparation. Its customers include international companies in the e-commerce, food & beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.

    “Since our inception, we have continued to adapt to the ever-changing needs and requirements of our clients to position ourselves as a strong and trusted partner for planning and implementing their intralogistics projects. Partnering with SCIO gives us the chance to complement our existing network and service portfolio with the innovative solutions within the group as a whole, thereby allowing us to keep to supporting our clients in their transition to developing a smart factory.”

    Alfonso Flores García, CEO of Modumaq



    Similar to the other corporate brands, Modumaq will continue to operate as an independent entity, and will benefit from the potential for strategic synergy offered by SCIO’s automation platform.

    The Spanish automation specialist complements SCIO’s already extensive portfolio of services in the Advanced Intralogistics business division, which includes warehouse and material flow solutions and Autonomous Mobile Robots, as well as customized cleanroom and food intra-logistics innovations.


    Please find the press release here.