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    SCIO presents automation solutions for production & assembly at Motek

    SCIO presents automation solutions for production & assembly at Motek

    SCIO Automation will present its portfolio for production and assembly automation at Motek in Stuttgart, Germany, from October 10 to 13, 2023. Our joint booth 5501 in, hall 5, from SCIO brands Autkom, Industrial Automation, MRB Automation, VESCON and tmp has been specially designed so that trade visitors can expect customized special machinery solutions, high-precision systems, system integration and automation solutions, as well as support services for a machine’s entire life cycle.

    At booth 5501 in hall 5, Motek visitors have the opportunity to experience our integrated solutions, product and service portfolio for production and assembly automation, as well as mechanical engineering. These kinds of intelligent solutions from our Discrete Automation business segment can be seen throughout a machine’s entire life cycle, and are aligned with it. This portfolio is split into three areas: Automation Systems, Automation Solutions and Automation Services.

    "Within the Group, and especially in the Discrete Automation segment, our Group companies work very closely with one another, and collaborate on joint projects at various stages, from planning to development, realization and implementation, to after-sales. Our customers benefit from the group’s cutting-edge expertise and the fact that we’re always close to our client base geographically, with over 30 locations worldwide," says Antonio Cavotta, Head of the Discrete Automation business segment, and Managing Director at VESCON.

    Automation Systems includes special machinery solutions and high-precision systems such as

    • Alignment and calibration systems
    • Measuring and testing systems
    • Production lines
    • Robotic cells

    from SCIO brands MRB Automation in Ilmenau, VESCON and Industrial Automation (USA/Mexico). We have been successfully serving customers in the North American market for many years now, as a result of our foothold in the USA and Mexico.

    SCIO-blog-roboterzelle-SOBAU Die Justagesystem-Entwicklung von MRB justiert BiLED-Scheinwerfer.

    The Automation Solutions segment specifically includes SCIO's electrical installation and programming solutions for body shell lines, as well as e-mobility and battery assembly. VESCON is one of the pioneers of e-mobility, and has been developing battery assembly technology alongside leading OEMs for years and has built up a vast knowledge base. The portfolio also includes manufacturing automation, and SO3 Hiberion smart production software from VESCON. To showcase the full potential of these systems to the visitors, our experts have developed a special system for Motek, emphasizing the seamless integration of the innovative PDL Tower. For the "hands-on experience", the trade visitors can also try it out themselves.

    Automation Services cover a plant's entire life-cycle, including after-sales. In addition to PLC programming (Autkom, tmp) and developing a proprietary PLC framework (tmp), safety services for machine safety (tmp) and other after-sales services, the focus of our presentation will also be on VESCON Automation's virtual engineering solutions: Motek visitors will be able to see the group’s virtual commissioning and Digital Twin services first hand, as well as their 360° collaboration software SO3 for project engineering and management.

    "We have set ourselves the goal of not only presenting solutions and services at Motek, but we particularly wanted to focus on emphasize how our systems can be linked and integrated with one another, and throughout the entire lifecycle. So, we’re looking forward to showing trade fair visitors our service portfolio, and showcasing our vision of an intelligent and connected smart factory at the same time," says Antonio Cavotta.