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    Rudder ahoy and lace up: Experience the ultimate SCIO team spirit

    Rudder ahoy and lace up: Experience the ultimate SCIO team spirit

    3, 2, 1 – GO! Our SCIO teams are back in action, showing what they’re truly made of! From adrenaline-charged runs to thrilling dragon boat races and tough trail challenges, we're taking on a slew of exciting sports events together this year. This truly gets our hearts racing... 💜 – in every sense of the word.


    BASF Firmencup 2024

    Once a year, the legendary Hockenheimring in Germany transforms into a buzzing running track for enthusiasts from all over the region. This year, our SCIO team laced up and joined 23 motivated runners for the BASF Firmencup. Taking advantage of ideal weather conditions, we joined a crowd of over 10,000 participants and gave it our all. Feeling inspired? Maybe you'll be our 24th runner next year!

    "No matter how tough it was, crossing the finish line together after those challenging five kilometers was an incredible feeling," said Thomas Krapp, Strength Calculation and WKP, VESCON Process.




    REWE Team Challenge & Dragon Boat Festival 2024

    Running alongside 28,500 people - Wow! Even our newest member of the SCIO family, Fabmatics, got in on the action. With nine teams, totaling 36 runners, we hit the starting line at the REWE Team Challenge in Dresden.

    "This challenge is a special event for us because it brings together all kinds of participants. From highly trained runners, to beginners – from young 'wild ones,' to seasoned 'hares,' we had it all," said Managing Director Andreas Purath, who was also among the runners.


    But it wasn't just on land where the Fabmatics "Material Flow Pirates" showed their determination. The Dresden Dragon Boat Festival has long been a tradition for Fabmatics. Fueled by the incredible atmosphere of the Dresden Elbe Valley, 18 paddlers faced the 400-meter race course in 2024. With a drummer setting the pace at the front and a rallying cry pushing everyone to their limits ("Hip Hip HERO!"), the Fabmatics team demonstrated what true teamwork, endurance, and passion mean, even if victory eluded us this time. The race photos speak volumes – every Material Flow Pirate gave their all.




    Heimat Trails Trophy

    From May to September, the Heimat Trails Trophy winds through Bavaria, offering an ideal opportunity to explore our beautiful homeland through sports. This event is a highlight for many outdoor enthusiasts, combining movement, nature experiences, and community. Two different trails are offered every month, with disciplines like running, walking, cycling, or e-biking, catering to all standards and fitness levels.Over 50 SCIO colleagues from Schiller and 4am Robotics are taking on the challenge, completing the various courses over four months – often as a team. Hats off to them!




    The variety of skills and personalities, along with the dedication of our SCIO family members, makes us an unbeatable team.
    And you know what? This translates perfectly to our projects and day-to-day operations:

    ... the Marathon Runner:

    Experienced, enduring, and a reliable team pillar.

    ... the Sprinter:

    Fast, efficient, and a pro at tackling short-term projects.

    ... the Drummer:

    A motivator, always keeping an eye on things and setting a supportive pace.

    ... the Casual Athlete:

    Calm, dependable, and a soothing presence at stressful times.

    ... the Newcomer:

    Curious, eager to learn, and full of fresh ideas and different ways of looking at things.

    ... the Rower:

    A supportive voice in the back of the room who ensures a harmonious and productive work environment.


    It's the mix that makes it! Want to join a vibrant and motivated team that’s always having fun? Click here and check out our current vacancies.