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    Maximized safety in stock management: The Autonomous Forklift AFi

    Maximized safety in stock management: The Autonomous Forklift  AFi

    In the demanding world of warehousing and logistics, safety in the workplace is of primary importance. The use of conventional, manually operated forklift trucks in particular involves potential risk, both for employees and for the load. In contrast, the driverless forklift trucks from 4am Robotics set new standards in terms of safety.

    Dangers of traditional forklift trucks: risks for drivers and surroundings

    The conventional use of forklift trucks entails risks - especially when heavy loads are lifted and the forklift can become unstable, which not only endangers the driver, but also surrounding employees and machines. Thanks to 4am Robotics' advanced technology, such risks are a thing of the past.

    Weight detection technology for optimum balance

    An outstanding feature of the autonomous forklift trucks from 4am Robotics is the weight detection technology.

    This technology not only monitors the weight of the load, but also the load's center of gravity. By constantly monitoring these parameters, the AFi can maintain an optimal balance, which means that valuable goods can be transported safely without becoming unstable during transportation.

    Advanced sensors for a safe work environment

    Furthermore, the autonomous forklifts from 4am Robotics have precise 2D safety laser scanners and advanced 3D cameras that monitor their surroundings in all directions and assist with navigation. They enable early detection of obstacles, sources of danger and potential collisions. This not only allows the stacker to choose the most efficient route, but also to react in good time and prevent accidents - an important contribution of safety in the workplace.

    Minimizing the risk of accidents in the workplace

    The safety of your employees is also our top priority. Our autonomous forklifts minimize the risk of accidents at work and create a safe working environment. Their ability to perform precise manoeuvres minimizes the risk of collisions and damage, even in narrow aisles and areas.

    If you are looking for a solution that offers maximum security and efficiency in storage and logistics, should take a look here.


    Our forklift trucks not only offer safety, but also efficiency in warehousing, thanks to technological innovations such as...

    Take your intralogistics processes to a new level with more automation and safety! Play it safe with the innovative solutions from 4am Robotics.