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    Fabmatics is part of SCIO Automation

    Fabmatics is part of SCIO Automation

    Fabmatics GmbH, headquartered in Dresden, Germany, becomes part of the international automation platform SCIO Automation GmbH (SCIO for short). Fabmatics is an experienced automation specialist for material flow and handling processes in the semiconductor industry. This acquisition allows SCIO to strengthen its cleanroom segment as well as its presence on the global market.

    UPDATE  January 2024: When the deal closed on December 27, 2023, the takeover of Fabmatics GmbH by SCIO Automation GmbH, which was agreed on October 30, 2023, subject to official approvals, was completed. Headquartered in Dresden, Fabmatics is now officially part of international automation platform SCIO Automation. Fabmatic's material flow and handling services and Schiller's customized storage and transport systems complement each other seamlessly, enabling customers to obtain their automation solutions along the entire cleanroom value chain from a single source in the future.

    Please find the updated press release here.

    The Fabmatics deal shows that SCIO is continuing its international growth strategy. At the same time, Fabmatics’ portfolio is complementary to SCIO's existing customer-specific material flow and storage solutions for the cleanroom, which are successfully used by international customers.


    "We are pleased that Fabmatics, which has a truly global distribution network, is another strong company that is now part of SCIO. This will enable us to develop our cleanroom logistics segment even further into a supporting pillar for our portfolio," said Michael Goepfarth, CEO of SCIO Automation, about the transaction.

    The deal is an important step in SCIO’s international growth strategy, giving it the scope to expand its global business further and to ensure that the Group can bring its performance, products and services to the market more easily and efficiently.


    "With SCIO, we can see that they are best placed to continue Fabmatics’ success story over the coming years. SCIO’s strategic focus and company portfolio, not only brings with it a wealth of industrial experience in automation technology, meaning that there is a huge potential for synergy projects moving forward, but also provides a stable and resilient financial backing for Fabmatics' continued growth, as the SCIO Group has its own shareholder structure. We are looking forward to seeing how the business progresses in this new and exciting chapter. At the same time, we would like to thank our founders and shareholders Dr. Steffen Pollack, Lothar Andritzke and Manfred Jähnert, as well as the investment company SüdBG for many years of trusting and appreciative partnership," said Dr. Andreas Purath and Dr. Roland Giesen, from the Fabmatics management team.

    Fabmatics, headquartered in Dresden, Germany, was founded in 1991 and has been automating intralogistics processes in semiconductor fabs, semiconductor process plants and other high-tech production environments for more than 30 years. Fabmatics’ customers include almost all of the well-known chip manufacturers worldwide. In particular, the system integrator has a strong market presence when it comes to modernizing 200-millimeter semiconductor fabs worldwide, and it supplies cleanroom material flow solutions from a single source that ensure a more efficient, faster and safer production flow in semiconductor fabs. Their range of services includes a modular product range of hardware and software designed to automate handling, transport and storage processes, as well as solutions for identifying and locating products.

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    Alongside Fabmatics GmbH, its Utica-based (New York) subsidiary Fabmatics USA Inc. also becomes part of the SCIO Automation Group. Fabmatics, with its approximately 300 employees, will continue to operate as an independent entity, and will stand to benefit hugely from the vast array of potential synergies working closely with the other SCIO companies. It will make a significant contribution to mutual growth in the cleanroom segment.

    The deal means that the founders of Fabmatics GmbH as well as SüdBG, as shareholders for the last nine years, are ceding their shares to SCIO Automation.

    "We founded our company in 1991 during the turbulent post-reunification period to take control of our own futures and create new jobs. Since then, alongside our employees, we have developed Fabmatics into a powerful player and automation specialist for the semiconductor industry. Today, after a history that goes back more than 32 years, the time is right for a change in the shareholder structure. We are handing Fabmatics over to new owners who have been carefully selected. We are convinced that with SCIO at its side, Fabmatics will benefit from its international network and continue its extraordinarily successful development to the next level of quality," said Dr. Steffen Pollack, representing the founders and former shareholders.

    The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close in the next few months. Update: The deal was closed December 27, 2023.