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    Innovative Intralogistics Solutions in Action

    Innovative Intralogistics Solutions in Action

    Industry 4.0 and smart technologies are certainly hot topics at the moment, but how adaptable they are when it comes to interacting with other solutions and what benefits they yield is often difficult to grasp in theory alone.

    The SCIO Group companies organized a joint intralogistics event in Benningen am Neckar, Germany on October 12th and 13th. The event was intended to allow interested trade visitors to experience our flexible and efficient intralogistics solutions in action. This first in-person event after a long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic was a huge success.

    The 60 guests were welcomed on both days to the production hall on the premises of our group company MFI GmbH. After greeting all participants and presenting the SCIO portfolio, a few facts and figures about the innovative intralogistics solutions of group companies Schiller Automatisierungstechnik, MFI and Mojin Robotics followed. Sven Schreiner (Global Key Account Manager, Mojin Robotics), Abraham Aslanidis (Sales Manager, MFI) and Jakob Altmannsberger (Technical Sales, Schiller) guided the guests through the presentation.


    Sven Schreiner focused on the autonomous picking robot LUKA.
    His "little friend", as he liked to call the innovative product, made a particularly strong impression with its advanced features:

    - Flexible to operate, even in confined warehouse environments
    - Conveying loads over long distances
    - Universal gripping system
    - Adapting to industry standards


    Abraham Aslandis told the guests about the amazing capabilities of the FKS Flexible Storage System. The intelligent FKS stands out from standardized storage systems, especially due to the fact that it's extremely flexible and adaptable:

    - Multi-flexibility: storing and retrieving different conveyor sizes.
    - Improved efficiency: available space is used effectively via container size recognition
    - Simple to maintain: modules can be changed with ease

    Jakob Altmannsberger then took the floor to present the Autonomous Outdoor Tugger Train from Schiller's AMR portfolio:

    - Not dependent on a specific manufacturer: conversion kit for commercially-available electric tractors.
    - Dynamic routes depending on delivery priorities
    - Interfaces to ERP and fault reporting systems
    - Control system with map display
    - Resists any wind and weather conditions

    Then, a demonstration was carried out to show how the future-proof intra-logistics solutions directly interact to give onlookers that up-close experience.
    The delegates followed the FKS storing and retrieving containers with great interest, as the Luka then took boxes from the FKS and autonomously drove them to the tugger train, where they were reloaded. The tugger train then took a tour out of the hall before being unloaded again by the Luka. This shows how the conveyor and the material handling solution harmoniously interact.


    Back inside, there was still enough time for participants who were interested in the product to talk to the companies’ salespeople, to get answers to any burning questions they had, and to look on with wonder as the individual solutions were taken for a spin throughout the 2 days.

    A LinkedIn live event was also held, which meant that people who were not able to attend the event in person could see the various ways in which the intra-logistics solutions interact for themselves. Our colleagues presented the solutions in the same way as during the daytime event, and demonstrated their interaction for the live audience to make them feel as if they were really there. Lots of pertinent questions also came up in the chat window, which the two experts were then able to answer live on the feed. Hybrid events like these are absolutely crucial, especially in the times we’re living in at the moment. 

    The guests left the event more than satisfied, no doubt inspired by some groundbreaking ideas and looking forward to the next event. Everyone loves a good theory, but more often than not, it’s how the theory is put into practice that makes everything fall into place and makes great things happen.

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