By SCIO Automation • May 22, 2020

SCIO builds automated high-bay warehouse for automotive spare parts

Automated solutions integrated into customers' systems are becoming increasingly more important in order to counter rising intralogistics costs. SCIO's fully automated warehouse and conveyor technology solutions are designed to meet precisely these customer needs.

Currently, SCIO's partner company Schiller is responsible for the entire planning, development, installation and commissioning of a high-bay warehouse with over 70,000 racking positions.

As the general contractor for logistics, we are in charge of building this fully automated high-bay warehouse, which will be used in the future to store all kinds of automotive spare parts. The project with an order volume in the double-digit million range, is the largest solo project for Schiller to date, with everything coming from a single source.

Schiller high-bay warehouse

In addition to the complete project management, Schiller is providing their customer with all electrical and automation engineering work, while coordinating tasks of more than 10 subcontractors. Six aisles, 160 x 45 x 35 meters in size, a pre-storage area with 450 meters of conveyor chain technology and the control technology with 8 group controls and connection to the client’s control technology clearly show the dimensions of this project.

Before the construction of the steel racking structure could begin, preparatory work had already been carried out at the Schiller company site in Osterhofen. In addition to the conceptual work and the electrotechnical construction of hardware plans for the in-house switch cabinet construction, the automated control system of the entire warehouse was programmed. Schiller was also responsible for the mechanical construction design of all layouts in the planning phase and in the technical rounds.

After 1.5 years’ worth of planning and construction, the plant, which was built by Schiller from the base plate up, is now scheduled to be handed over to the customer in September 2020 and will significantly improve all future internal supply chain processes.


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