By SCIO Automation • January 22, 2021

Top 6 - cost reduction in industrial project management

Inefficiency in project management, for example in the construction of a new industrial plant, can quickly become costly. Several studies focus on the question of reducing costs in project management. The key word here is agility. However, agility cannot be achieved overnight - especially when there is simply hardly any capacity left for sustainable changes in the daily work of plant engineering, where time and costs are of the essence. Here are our top 6 tips on how you can change things, even on a small scale.

1. Be simple
Visualize your project in the form of a plant layout. Presenting project steps in this layout is more catchy and easier to understand than a purely textual presentation. Visualization also simplifies collaboration.

2. Be quick
Make your processes digital. Digital project management tools abound, but far too many emails are still sent back and forth for information exchange. Displaying and processing all project steps on a single platform and enabling participants to work together from any location will ensure that the project is completed far more quickly.

3. Be clever
Allow new ideas to flow in, whether you want to visually display the layout of the plant for all to see, color-code the progress of the project, or digitally bring together all project participants in real time. Be clever and pursue new paths to achieve your goal in the best possible way.

4. Be team-minded
Focus on the team. Not only the actual project team, but also suppliers, partners and the customer, need to be involved in the project from the beginning, exchange ideas and work together. Encourage dialogue within your team so that, in the best case, the project manager only moderates rather than micromanages.

5. Be transparent
Create transparency. Give all participants involved in the project an appropriate overview and visual insight into the project, so that everyone can perform their task efficiently. Greater transparency also ensures greater understanding on the part of the client and contractor.

6. Be current
Make sure there is real-time communication and a complete representation of all project steps. There is nothing more annoying than having the project stalled because participants can't communicate with each other adequately or because data sets are outdated.

Involving of all project participants, visualization, location-independent real-time communication, transparency - sounds like a lot of extra work. The SO3 project management tool provides you with support and makes your project management visible at all levels. For more efficiency thanks to visual layout and linkage of three modules: Status, Layout, LoP. Find out more


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