By SCIO Automation • January 7, 2021

What are the top 3 trends in industrial automation 2021?

Industrial automation is booming, and it is doing so across industries. The Corona crisis has contributed significantly to the trend. Lower costs, improved efficiency, higher quality and increased output are just some of the benefits that automation has to offer. Where is the automation industry headed in 2021? We spoke to SCIO's CEO, Michael Goepfarth, and asked him what he sees as the top three automation trends in 2021:

Trend 1
Handling functions must be secured. The Corona pandemic has demonstrated that the absence of key functions in the production process  can lead to a complete system failure. Companies will therefore increasingly focus on automating these functions in 2021 in order to secure their production. This trend will impact all sectors - whether in the food industry, the logistics sector or the automotive industry.

Trend 2
Various systems within factories or logistics systems are being connected and integrated. Automation systems such as independent driving systems or handling robots, which have previously functioned autonomously from one another, will be interconnected and integrated into an overall system in the future. Data evaluation can lead eventually to an increase in efficiency of the overall system.

Trend 3
Automation is becoming increasingly important for the industry worldwide. It is no longer just a niche product for innovation leaders. It is rapidly becoming a standard product for all industrial sectors worldwide. Companies can only make their logistics and production systems more efficient and safer in this way.


Thank you for your personal opinion, Michael Goepfarth!


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