This is SCIO

More than 1,000 employees, 30 sites and 8 countries  – This is SCIO. Our clients from 9 different industries benefit from our experience and know-how in a large variety of solutions in automation technology, engineering service and software. 

Flexible and Independent

With the financial flexibility provided by new ownership and the support of an experienced group management, our companies work independently and side-by-side in alignment with the industrial mega trends.

1,000 Employees
30 Sites
9 Industries

SCIO as Growth Platform 

The SCIO platform provides its companies with enormous economic growth potential. Through the larger holding, there are various bilateral opportunities: Each company benefits from a continuous exchange on all operational levels as well as defined group functions which support the local management teams with world class functional expertise.


Complementary Companies

Locally empowered teams and a group-wide clear strategic focus.

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Experienced Management

Many years of experience in the automotive OEM and industrial production environment.

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Specialized Solutions


Innovative automation solutions coupled with complementary value-added service offering.

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Our Locations


Explore the locations of the SCIO group and its companies below.

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