Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage manufacturing and processing is a US$ 6-8 trillion annual global business that possesses tremendous opportunities to gain major benefits from SCIO’s advanced digital automation solutions. They provide F&B producers with efficient and easy ways to make big reductions in the waste of valuable and costly resources such as food, water, energy and labor.

Digitalization offers tremendous opportunities

Food & Beverage production uses enormous resources, which means that even minimal reductions in inputs can translate into large gains in product yields and cost savings.

Automation penetration in this sector is today rather low, offering tremendous efficiency opportunities to the world’s F&B manufacturers


Clear benefits in securing better safety, hygiene, maintenance and compliance

Food & Beverage producers benefit enormously from automated, digital intralogistics solutions, which secure and optimize the smooth flow of both information and material goods throughout the processes.

F&B plants are now adapting increasing levels of digital automation, because of the major benefits it offers for better security in terms of safety, hygiene, efficiency, maintenance, compliance and traceability.


US$ 6-8 Trillion
estimated global F&B business sales,
growing 4-6 % annually
28 %
of F&B players who feel they have
good supply chain visibility
82 %
F&B manufacturers who want to integrate
IoT technology in the future
SCIO’s Customized Solutions

Customized Food & Beverage automation gives better logistics and safety

As a system integrator providing custom-made, automated software and hardware solutions for F&B material handling, SCIO significantly boosts your process efficiency while decreasing costs and simplifying complex intralogistics challenges.
Helping you to achieve your mission at all times
Throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation and through after-sales support, SCIO Group is there for you, no matter how difficult the challenge may be.

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