At SCIO everything revolves around the question: How can we support our customers in
making their lives easier? Intelligent automation solutions, adjacent value-added services
and innovative software solutions. SCIO’s service portfolio answers this question.

The breadth of automation competence and the required flexibility to offer the customers the desired solution, is what makes SCIO so special. SCIO provides integrated automation solutions along with innovative, automated material handling and intralogistic solutions, leveraging SCIO’s proprietary technology and excellent application know-how.

Automation Solutions


It is SCIO’s overall goal to be a trusted partner in meeting all our client's demands, not only through automation solutions but also with a portfolio of complementary value-added services.

Service Portfolio


Within the complex industrial environment, SCIO’s dedicated software department perfectly complements the automation teams in leading the transition towards a digitalized smart factory.

Software At The Core


Our clients from different industries benefit from our experience and know-how in a large variety of solutions for automation technology, engineering service and software.
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