SCIO as a Knowledge Platform

SCIO’s companies are each in their own right a success story built over decades. This is first and foremost thanks to strong and far-sighted local management teams. The formation of the SCIO platform now complements this profound knowledge with the benefits of being teamed up with other successful companies.

The SCIO Management Team

is composed of managers from SCIO Automation GmbH and its affiliated companies.



SCIO Management Team

l.t.r. Peter Bürger (CFO), Ewald Schiller (CEO Schiller Group), Thomas Thalhammer (Head of Sales), Michael Goepfarth (CEO), Bastian Mauritz (Head of Corporate Development), Dietmar Haubenhofer (CIO), Timo Glatki (Head of Reporting)


SCIO as a Sparring Partner

SCIO's management leads the way for the overall group-wide strategy and considers itself a sparring partner for each of our companies. Our internationally experienced management team has many years of involvement in the automotive OEM and industrial production sectors.

SCIO is a strong and efficiently run automation platform, which draws its strength from locally empowered teams and a clear group-wide strategic focus.

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