Energy, Water & Air

Energy, water and air are all precious global resources which are facing unprecedented demands from society that they be handled in more sustainable ways. Dynamic market growth and spending in these sectors is being stimulated by demand for new, sustainable processes that address climate change and have less impact on human health – which automation help attain.

Transforming energy grids, to be more renewable

Facing dramatic climate change, worldwide energy generation systems are being pushed towards renewable and clean energy sources.

An estimated € 75 trillion will be invested in the sector by 2050, meaning significant upgrades in electrical grids to handle flexibility and energy storage for smooth and efficient supply/demand management.

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Increasing regulations for air and water quality

Water and wastewater treatment plants must optimize control of processes to reduce energy and chemical consumption, avoid costly leaks, and improve water quality and reliability. Increasing digitalization with IoT sensors and real-time data have profound positive environmental and economic impacts.

Increasing regulations in industries like steel, aluminum, asphalt, cement and many others are leading to rapid growth of gas and dust cleaning systems. New sensor technologies for both monitoring and control produce positive results in reducing these pollutants.

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20 %
increase in global renewable
energy supply by 2023
US$ 25 Billion
expected value of the air treatment
market by 2023
45 %
revenue share of the global water treatment system
market in North America and Europe
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Transforming energy generation and water and air treatment with effective digital automation

As a specialized automation solutions provider, with superb application know-how and an extensive track record, SCIO is actively contributing to the sustainable transformations of clean energy as well as water and air purification – for today and long into the future.
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Throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation and through after-sales support, SCIO Group is there for you, no matter how difficult the challenge may be.

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