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Advanced automation in logistics and production, which until recently was a niche exploited mainly by huge industries like automotive and chemicals, is rapidly becoming indispensable for almost every industrial manufacturing plant worldwide. Intense competition, resource limitations and cost pressures are forcing all enterprises to become more agile and efficient, and SCIO’s smart industrial automation and IoT systems help customers to do exactly that, for big productivity gains.

Digital automation helps optimize automotive labor, logistics and productivity

Facing a scarcity of skilled labor, automotive manufacturers are rapidly adopting more intelligent automation solutions to both address labor issues and enable increased operational efficiency on the shop floor and for internal material flows.

New driving concepts like electric/hybrid variants and battery assembly, mean many new automated and complex assembly lines are being built.


Big growth in process & chemical industries supported by advanced automation

The world’s process and chemical industries are a backbone of global economic activity, supplying input materials for the vast majority of manufactured products for essentially all areas of life.

With the global economy potentially doubling by 2050, future demand for chemical products is bright.

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~ € 300 Billion
projected investment in e-mobility
by global automakers
13.8 Billion
Industrial IoT connections by 2025
€ 4.2 
value added to global economy for
each € 1 generated by the chemical industry
SCIO’s Customized Solutions

Digital connectivity from SCIO can create a smart factory out of any industrial manufacturing plant

As a system integrator and specialized automation service provider with a solid track record, SCIO enables its
customers to increase operational efficiency while reducing labor needs. SCIO’s effective automation, planning and
project management tools allow plants to quickly meet changing product requirements and to deliver world-class
safety, productivity and quality results.
Skilled and experienced technical innovator
Helping you turn your industrial plants into Smart Factories with value-adding automation solutions tailored to your customer-specific needs.

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A truly Smart Factory demands outstanding product innovations that are tailored specifically to your needs and requirements in a variety of industries.

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The SCIO platform complements its profound knowledge and expertise with the benefits of being teamed up with other successful companies.

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With over 1,000 employees in 30 sites, SCIO provides a global expertise combined with the local knowledge of its individual corporate brands.

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