Electronics & Semiconductor

Cleanrooms that make electronic chips and semiconductors are being required to upgrade their facilities, to be able to get the most out of advances in wafer technology as well as to meet increasing global demand for faster processing on smaller chip surfaces. SCIO is ready and able to support this growing demand.

Greater demand for cleanroom automation

The hi-tech sector’s demand for cleanrooms, controlled environments and consumables is being fueled by unprecedented growth in the semiconductor and life sciences industries.

With global IoT applications projected to grow to over 25 billion devices by 2025, chip manufacturers everywhere are rapidly automating their production facilities and intralogistics processes to meet this demand.


Cleanrooms get better material flows and security

The ultimate challenge in space-limited cleanroom environments is to reduce the risk of contamination.

Intelligent automated material handling allows chip manufacturers to achieve significant efficiency and cost gains while maintaining cleanliness.


US$ 8.9 Billion
value of cleanroom technology spending
in 2026, up 37 % from 2020
> 45 %
compound annual growth rate of
mobile data traffic by 2022
US$ 726 Billion
projected value of the
semiconductor market by 2027
SCIO’s Customized Solutions

Covering the entire intra-cleanroom logistics chain

Using deep application know-how based on 30 years of experience and customized proprietary technology, SCIO is the only European provider of tailored intra-cleanroom logistics chain solutions. SCIO develops and supplies innovative automated storage and material handling products to solve warehousing and intralogistics challenges and meet the highest security standards.

Skilled and experienced technical innovator
Helping you turn your industrial plants into Smart Factories with value-adding automation solutions tailored to your customer-specific needs.

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A truly Smart Factory demands outstanding product innovations that are tailored specifically to your needs and requirements in a variety of industries.

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The SCIO platform complements its profound knowledge and expertise with the benefits of being teamed up with other successful companies.

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With over 1,000 employees in 30 sites, SCIO provides a global expertise combined with the local knowledge of its individual corporate brands.

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