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Warehousing, Packaging and Freight by Air, Sea and Land

Globalization, the rise of both B2B and B2C ecommerce and increasing demand for products of all sorts have led to massive pressure for much better, faster and more efficient intralogistics solutions. Ranging from worldwide transport networks to local logistics and distribution centers, SCIO has the technology and solutions that automate these processes and successfully extract cash gains out of these critical operations.

E-commerce demands higher freight efficiency

Consumers have now come to expect fast, free shipping from the companies they do business with. Major e-retailers are now starting their own in-house logistics and fulfilment services.

These developments present massive challenges to traditional logistics and supply-chain models, forcing major changes in delivery company strategies to manage increasing volumes and demands, at lower rates.


Automation optimizes air, sea and land transport networks

The challenge is to make world’s good movements by freight companies as efficient as possible throughout the multi-modal supply chain that can often be subject to money- and time-wasting bottlenecks.

New automation and digital IoT solutions help squeeze out significant synergies and cost-savings at airports, seaports and inland logistics centers.


90 %
of the world’s trade is carried by sea
US$ 117 Billion
worldwide air cargo spending in 2020,
up 80 % since 2004
6.3 %
CAGR 2021-2025 in
the ecommerce market
SCIO’s Customized Solutions

Meeting the tricky challenges ecommerce and global cargo present

By providing intelligent warehousing and material handling solutions, combined with automation technology, robotics and big data analytics for seamless integration into MFS and ERP systems, SCIO enables its customers to greatly improve their supply chain processes. This helps them cope with ever-rising efficiency and performance demands through the use of automated intralogistics solutions.
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Through close cooperation SCIO rapidly improves your production and logistics processes  to extract valuable, tangible benefits – both for today and for tomorrow.

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