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Even before the corona pandemic greatly accelerated demand for pharmaceutical products, the life sciences sector has been continuously expanding its existing plants and building new ones to meet rising global demand. SCIO’s customized automation and processing solutions for pharma solve the key safety requirements, while delivering new cost and efficiency savings.

Big spending means big opportunities

Global pharmaceutical growth is being driven by strong fundamentals including an aging global population, increasing economic prosperity and more people on the planet.

Sensitive manufacturing processes must meet the highest quality requirements.

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Safely squeezing costs out of production processes

Pharmaceutical and life science companies operate is increasingly challenging environments, driven by more demanding healthcare agendas that require greater value for money.

These companies benefit enormously from innovative, cost-effective automation and processing solutions in production.

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spending on global
healthcare by 2040
US$ 1.5 Trillion
projected global spending
on medicines by 2024
number of people 65
and older by 2050
SCIO’s Customized Solutions

SCIO solutions provide greater value and safety, based on a spotless track record

SCIO enables its pharma clients to greatly improve operational efficiency while simultaneously safeguarding their product safety. Advanced automation and processing solutions based on customized IoT technology help them achieve this, with significant bottom-line cost benefits as well.
Trusted partner standing for quality, reliability and value
Through close cooperation SCIO rapidly improves your production and logistics processes to extract valuable, tangible benefits – both for today and for tomorrow.

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A truly Smart Factory demands outstanding product innovations that are tailored specifically to your needs and requirements in a variety of industries.

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The SCIO platform complements its profound knowledge and expertise with the benefits of being teamed up with other successful companies.

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With over 1,000 employees in 30 sites, SCIO provides a global expertise combined with the local knowledge of its individual corporate brands.

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