SCIO’s corporate brands are each in their own right a success story built over many decades.
As a member of the SCIO platform, each company gains additional cross-platform knowledge and insight from other successful companies on the team, allowing them to build upon their own specialized expertise and gain further benefits and synergies.


The international group which provides innovative automation and processing solutions, along with planning and commissioning services, to  its blue-chip customer base.

Extensive in-house resources enable a perfect symphony of electrical and mechanical engineering, control and robotic technology, as well as proprietary engineering software solutions.

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The international company that delivers innovative automation solutions in the fields of automated material handling and intralogistics to its blue-chip customer base. 

Custom tailored and patented intra-cleanroom logistics chain solutions for the semiconductor market.

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A recognized labelling specialist supporting almost all industries including automotive, mechanical/plant engineering, energy or the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The patented PrintoLUX® process is used wherever high-durability labels with variable content are required rapidly and at a fair price.

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Germany-based company offering complete automation solutions, including electrical engineering systems with a significant focus on software development for control and process control systems.

Further complemented by tailor-made trainings and services within the area of safety technology.

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Providing complex industrial software solutions with a technical focus on mission-critical applications (e.g. commissioning). Specialized in programmable logic controllers (PLC), robotics and high-level language programming.

Offering MRL 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive services as well as industrial image processing system integration.

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North America-based company providing state-of-the-art automated solutions.

Specialized in custom assembly equipment from table-top fixtures to multi-million-dollar robotic assembly lines. Offering full in-house capabilities from concept and design through installation and service. 

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Specialized in mobile service robotics. Its autonomous mobile handling robot "Luka" seamlessly complements and strengthens SCIO's successfully implemented solutions in the field of autonomous mobile robots.

Luka features a patented ball-joint that makes it the perfect autonomous logistics and picking assistant for demanding and flexible intralogistics tasks.

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An expert system integrator managing complex intralogistics and robotics solutions. Its innovative and patented storage and material handling solutions are tailored to customers from the food industry.

A key advantage and benefit for the food industry is MFI's deep knowhow in stainless-steel, enabling it to fully meet the customers’ stringent hygiene standards and requirements.

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Founded in 2001 and based in Toledo, Spain, Modumaq specializes in integrating customized intralogistics systems into existing process environments and develops innovative automation solutions for material flow, picking, packing, palletizing and dispatching preparation.

Its customers include international companies in the e-commerce, food & beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.

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As a high-tech mechanical engineering company, MRB has renowned expertise in developing, manufacturing and integrating high-precision systems, alignment machines, as well as measuring and testing systems at accuracies down to less than one micrometer.

They serve customers from a wide range of industries including automotive supply, sensor technology, plastics technology, medical technology, precision mechanics/optics and the thermometer industry. 

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SCIO's  integration services always consider the customer’s needs and focus on three main segments: Advanced Intralogistics. Intelligent Automation. Innovative Services.

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Over the past decades, SCIO has built up numerous trustful relationships with its customers from different sectors.

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With over 1,000 employees in 30 sites, SCIO provides a global experience combined with the local knowledge of its individual corporate brands.

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