Cleanroom Intralogistics

The cleanroom environment has special requirements for logistics and material handling solutions. SCIO is the only European provider of tailored and patented intra-cleanroom logistics chain solutions.

Linear Stocker

A highly scalable and reliable decentralized storage system for cleanroom applications up to ISO class 4.

Radial Stocker

Storage system that is both efficient and space-saving, allowing innovative expansion and improvement of demanding cleanroom intra-logistics.

Max Stocker

High volume storage system gives extremely high storage density, to meet increasing automation demands in semiconductor production.

Linear Hoist

Innovative cleanroom system for the completely automated and fast supply of production or measuring equipment between the individual bays of a factory.

Cleanroom Transport System

Flexible transportation system with high availability in a high-performance intralogistics solution for modern semiconductor factories.


The powerful and flexible transport solution for fab overhead transport applications.