Global Commercial Air Traffic is Estimated to Double Over the Next 15 Years

The global commercial air traffic has proven resilient to external shock such as the Financial Crisis or 9/11, continuing to double in size every 15 years since the late 1970s. Over the next 20 years, average air traffic is estimated to grow at a rate of more than 4% per year.

Global Middle Class is Expected to Nearly Double Over the Next 20 Years

The main driver for growth in commercial air traffic is the rising level of disposable income, enabling a larger share of the global population to travel internationally. Over the next 20 years, the global middle class is estimated to almost double in size, comprising approx. 5 billion people.

airports make commercial air traffic
a truly global business
of the world's population in 2040
will be in the middle-class
new aircrafts will be required
over the next 20 years
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By providing intelligent baggage and cargo handling solutions, SCIO supports airport operators in coping with
the global expansion of commercial air traffic.

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