Alternative Drive Concepts, More Model Variants and Shorter Model Lifecycles Lead to Continuous Demand for Automation Solutions

The increased penetration of alternate driving concepts requires the automotive manufacturers to invest into new assembly lines for conventional models, for hybrid and for electric model variants. Coupled with the ongoing trend towards more models and variants along with shorter model lifecycles, this dynamic fuels the demand for complex automated assembly capabilities.  

Automation Helps to Combat Shortage of Skilled Labor and Improves Operational Efficiency

Due to the ongoing demographic changes and high employment rates in developed countries, there is an increasing scarcity of skilled labor. Intelligent automation solutions enable automotive manufacturers to cope with this development, whilst also increasing the operational efficiency of their shop floors and internal material flows.

€ 100-150 Million
Total spent per new automotive assembly line
20-30 per year

New automotive models or variant launches provide sustainable demand for automated assembly lines

~€ 300 Billion

Projected investment into e-mobility
by global automakers

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Automation Solutions for Volume-Independent and High ROI Applications

As system integrator and specialized automation service provider, SCIO enables its customers to increase operational efficiency and combat the shortage of skilled labor. Hereby, SCIO is specialized on automobile volume-independent applications with high return on investment (due to low total cost of ownership).   

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