Number of Global IoT Devices is Expected to Triple by 2025

As the IoT application market is increasingly expanding into areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, households, agriculture and transportation, the number of global IoT devices is expected to exceed 25 billion by 2025. Fueled by this development, chip manufacturers everywhere are increasingly looking to automate their production facilities.

While Chip Production is Largely Automated, Material Flows Are Not

In contrast to production equipment in microelectronic manufacturing facilities, which exhibits some level of automation and state-of-the-art technology, internal material flow and storage of the substrates is still oftentimes a manual endeavor. Especially older manufacturing sites have undergone multiple capacity expansions resulting in inefficiencies between production and material flow. Intelligent and flexible automated material handling solutions can allow chip manufacturers to achieve significant efficiency gains.

> 40%

of the world’s population will have
access to 5G by 2024

> 30%
growth rate of data traffic in 2018 alone
Smart manufacturing space requires roughly one device per square meter

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