Transformation of the Global Energy Generation Landscape

Facing global warming and climate change, the global landscape of energy generation is steadily moving towards renewable, clean energy. Current and planned governmental policies comprise cumulative investments of over € 75 trillion into the global energy sector by 2050.

Significant Investments in Electricity Grids Required for Decentralized Renewable Energy Generation

Widespread governmental subsidizing and promotion fuel continuing investments into decentralized wind and solar energy from households and utility companies alike. Due to the inherent fluctuation in energy generation – night vs. day, stormy vs. calm – significant investments into the electrical grids are necessary to provide the required flexibility, energy storage and supply/demand management in the future.

Increase in penetration of global
renewables by 2023
920 GW
New renewable power capacity
to be installed by 2022
€ 250 Billion
Market size of the European battery
market by 2025
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 Transforming the Energy Generation Landscape
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