Global Pharmaceutical Spending Will Exceed €1.5 Trillion in Five Years

Global pharmaceutical spending is forecast to exceed €1.5 trillion in the next five years, continuing its trajectory at a mid-single digit annual rate. Historically, long-term growth has proven resilient to external upheaval, such as increasing regulatory hurdles, rising R&D expenses and governmental fiscal austerity measures introduced after the last Financial Crisis.

Global Demographic Change and Expanding Access to Healthcare as Key Demand Drivers

Sustainable pharmaceutical growth prospects are driven by strong economic fundamentals: The global population continues to age (by 2050 the number of 65-year-olds will have doubled in comparison to today) while increasing global prosperity expands the access to pharmaceuticals for an additional 3 billion consumers.

Spending in global healthcare is anticipated to double by the year 2040

Number of 65-year-olds will double by 2050

€ 1.5 Trillion

Global pharmaceutical spending to exceed € 1,5 trillion in the next five years

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