Today, the Single Largest Expense for Warehouse Operation is Labor

With ongoing business growth, warehouses can either hire more labor or add more space. However, in the current times of full employment, labor and land become more expensive and their marginal contribution to productivity decreases steadily. Therefore, automation becomes increasingly appealing.

Warehouses are Now Nearly Three Times as Large Compared to 15 Years Ago

Along with labor costs, the price of warehousing space is rising as well. In order to cope with higher volumes and a growing number of individual SKUs, the warehouse sizes have increased. However, rising costs and longer distances in large warehouses are making size expansion less effective in addressing operational challenges, again making automated solutions with integration into the customers’ own systems very appealing.

15x more
Number of robots in warehouses predicted to grow by a factor of 15 until 2021
3x larger
Warehouses today are 3x larger in size
compared to 15 years ago
3x bigger
Global market for Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to nearly triple by 2025
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By providing intelligent warehousing and material handling solutions, combined with automation technology, robotics and big data analytics with seamless integration into MFS and ERP systems, SCIO enables its customers to greatly improve internal supply chain processes and thus cope with ever-rising efficiency and performance requirements related to modern industrial production.

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