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The world is currently experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, in which digitalization is the main driver for future success. Similar to the invention of the steam engine or the implementation of computers, only those companies with rapid implementation and innovation will be the forerunners, securing sustainable and accelerated growth. Industry 4.0 is the headline for this development, which includes a high degree of automation alongside the cross-linking of all processes within a factory or company.

Industrial production is dramatically changing and due to crucial developments, such as the internet of things or the combination of cyber-physical systems, smart factories are no longer a mere vision but have been brought to life. SCIO Automation is at the focal point of this digital transformation and offers its blue chip customers around the globe the know-how and the experience gathered over decades with innovative automated solutions.


Industrial automation is changing at such a fast pace that it presents both challenges and opportunities, especially for small and medium sized companies. SCIO is a platform where these companies can join forces and thus leverage the potential provided by the market environment most effectively, while being optimally prepared for all challenges that may arise.

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Over the past decades, SCIO’s companies have built up numerous
trustful relationships with its customers from a wide span of industries.

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The companies under the SCIO umbrella are not only considered to be automation experts,
but also offer complementary services to round out our attractive offering.
SCIO's focus is set on using its know-how to create individual solutions, which best fit each customer's needs.
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